How To Create  
Self - Directed Health

What Do These Diseases Have In Common?

  • Gastritis  
  • Weight Loss
  • Colitis
  • Diabetes
  • Cholesterol
  • Crohn's
What Does
Healthy Italian Nutrition
And Health
Mean To You?
From: Giorgio Serbanescu
Where: Italy
What does Healthy Italian Nutrition And Health mean for you ? 
For everyone it's different...
Wellness should be cultivated every day, with respect for yourself.
Eat right: This starts with great nutrition.
Exercise strengthens the muscles and supports the heart, circulatory and lymphatic systems, among other crucial benefits.
Rest and Manage Stress sleep improves mood and gives your body  the opportunity to repair and renew.
Before I share with you MY GOAL for this 'Healthy Italian Nutrition And Health for YOU... let me ask you a few questions.
Please Check All Of The Questions Where Your
Answer Is YES!
The stomach with the wrong foods begins to agitating states TREMORS in the arms.
Marks on the skin, swelling, red spots.
HIVES can cause enormous problems itching can suddenly arrive in different parts of the body. The cause is always that which is inserted in one's organism.
In the morning take a good look at your TONGUE in the mirror, if there is a PATINA you
have to understand what you ate the day before.
The eye that tears, the eyelids that tend to close are all signs that you can observe after a
If You Checked ANY Of The Boxes Above, Then I Want To Invite You
To Join The 'Healthy Italian Nutrition And Health'
Start Treating The Cause Of The Disease.
So, Here Is How The 
Self - Direcetd Health Works...
In my forty years of life, I have gone through 7 surgeries, some of them on the verge of suffering., but the last one in 2016 completely changed me as a person.
Learn Healthy Italian
 Nutrition And Health
For thirteen years, Giorgio Serbanescu has had Crohn's disease, which is a type of inflammatory bowel disease. 

His situation was considered serious and for many years he struggled with medications and painful surgeries. 

When Giorgio discovered how he could improve his health with the help of food, natural remedies, and his love for Italian cuisine, his life changed completely. 
Then In Exchange Of This Tiny $237 
Investment, You Get ALL Of This:
  • 16 video lessons (118 minutes) dedicated to Gastritis, Weight Loss, Colitis,
    Diabetes, Cholesterol, and Crohn's.
  • Video dedicated to Digestion, Absorption, Utilization, and Elimination.
  • Video dedicated to  Immune Systems.
  • Video dedicated to The Skin and Its Disorders.
  • Video dedicated to With Essential Oils.
  • Video dedicated to my Personal Habits.
  • 8 video INCREDIBLE DISHES: These recipes are created to help you move from theory to practice, is to start cooking healthily for any type of disease, is weight loss.

 ($67 Value)

When you order the Healthy Italian Nutrition And Health Today, you will also get a FREE Olympia bottle shipped to your home to give you an exclusive piece of Italian design to your kitchen!
The Olympia oil dispenser looks great on any table or in any kitchen. It’s also excellent for mixing essential oil recipes and beauty products, such as handmade body lotions or massage oils.

The custom spout allows you to dispense the exact amount of oil needed for each job - less oil consumption means healthier living.

Olympia, is an authentic work of art, created by the excellence of Italian design.

Olympia oil dispenser never lose its properties, it is eco-friendly and 100 % recyclable. 
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Need More Information Before You 
Make Your Decision...? 
Let Me Break Down All The Awesome Stuff You'll Get
When You Join The Self - Directed Health Today!
The First Thing You’ll Get Access To Is The...
Healthy Italian Nutrition And Health Also Has A Section Dedicated To Recipes
I like to cook together with Nectaria, she is like every child he always likes to find out what's new. It's nice to bring young children to the kitchen this can also create knowledge of healthy eating, and be able to distinguish between those foods that cannot be added to them.

The dessert we made is almond cake. When you have an autoimmune disease. It is recommended to avoid sweets that contain sugar and other foods that are not foods they know. You can see this recipe in the dedicated section, a dessert without flour. Cooking relaxes and helps keep moral up.

You will find 8 videos dedicated to the recipes that I use daily at my house, it is not enough to take food at random, learn to combine food in the correct way. This is a first step towards the improvement of one's daily health.
Gastritis The Importance Of
Eliminating Certain Foods
What is it that alters the pH of gastric juices? 

In both cases, the pH imbalance is generated by the consumption of foods that are not suitable for one's digestive and immune characteristics, or the wrong combination of foods, or the consumption of too much water during meals (an excessive dilation of gastric juices), or carbonated, sugary or too cold drinks.
In the videos dedicated to gastritis, I will explain the importance of how to create your journey in order to avoid some of these symptoms. Frequent belching, acidity in the throat, vomit.

In The Presence Of Autoimmune
Diseases Avoid These Foods
It is recommended in the presence of inflammation, 
to avoid fruit until it returns to normal.
Calorie counting is not an effective method to consider both if the goal is to  weight Loss and if you intend to improve your health.

The reason?
Well, the results of prevention on obesity speak quite clearly, given that they had a totally negative outcome and completely contrary to the pre-established purpose.

Attention should also be paid to certain categories of foods, particularly rich in starches and sugars (i.e. carbohydrates), if not disposed of with constant and correct physical activity, they are mainly responsible for metabolic syndrome problems.

The Healthy Italian Nutrition 
And Health Is Different!
The Healthy Italian Nutrition  And Health is NOT just some “course” that you’ll never use…
It combining the right EMOTIONAL
The right MENTAL boost will lead you to well-being.
Thanks to these combinations your, BODY will benefit
That’s the biggest challenge in getting your first
Self - Directed Health
It’s almost NEVER a lack of knowledge that’s the problem...
It’s A Lack Of MENTAL...
(or, not applying properly).


Get In The Habit Of Always Reading The Label.

The foods must be as natural as possible, or rather they must not have undergone long processing processes and must not contain an infinite list of ingredients.


Eliminate The Cause.

The consumption of cereals and high glycemic index foods (especially at dinner), combined with an overly sedentary lifestyle, can lead to frequent glycemic peaks that protracted over time is the cause of diabetes. The odds increase significantly if there are cases of diabetics in the family.

In India there are 77 million people with diabetes, it is the second nation after China with a rate of people with diabetes, cereals are one of the main dishes in their kitchen. 
Source Diabetes in India Wikipedia 



Inside this course are 8 of my favourite Italian recipes that I have used to heal my gut and body while staying authentic to the cuisine that's closest to my heart! 
What better way than learning from somebody who made the trial-and-error for you and experienced the health benefits himself? 
Giorgio is not the only one hosting the video instructions, but he also shows how to cook together with your family! 
Learn how to cook a healthy and genuine Italian dinner for your family!
Get Giorgio best
Gluten-free Bread recipe!
These healthy snacks will save your and your familys sweet tooth!


($ 67 Value)

You will get Olympia for FREE bottle shipped to your home to give you an exclusive piece of Italian design to your kitchen.

  • Made in Italy to the highest standards
  • Made finest raw materials

  • Comes with a natural cork/stainless steel pouring spout and golden air-tight cap to leakage and keep dust out
  • Sustainable – contains 70% recycled raw materials 

  • Use of sand in the manufacturing process means that slight imperfections may occur

Are You Really Going To Lower Your Cholesterol?

You will have to start immediately by removing the foods you are most fond of starting.
  • Corn
  • Rice
  • Potatoes
The liver will also begin to increase its production of cholesterol, thus giving the body additional anti-inflammatory compounds

The light at the end
of the tunnel

My current gastroenterologist from experience told me that after a year I would have had a recurrence, the colonoscopy of March 6, 2017 results negative test for recurrence of Crohn's disease.

Everything Depends On You

Start a new lifestyle through healthy eating.
Combining foods in the right way is the basis of your well-being.

Inside this course are 8 of my most favourite Italian recipes
that I have made for me and my family to support good gut health while staying authentic to the cuisine that's closest to my heart! 
  • Discover ITALIAN family cooking!
  • ​It is more than food, it is an EXPERIENCE
  • ​Fresh and NATURAL chickpea and tuna salad
  • Oven baked lamb back with delicious MARINADE
  • ​​Easy bonito fish with tropea onions even your KIDS will love to make!
  • How to make authentic Pesto alla Genovese with fresh basil in the vegan version.
  • GLUTEN-FREE quinoa bread to ease your stomach and gut! 
  • The perfect snack for a SWEET TOOTH - Castagnaccio (gluten-free sweet chestnut cake) 
  • ​Easy and fun almond cake WITHOUT FLOUR to serve as dessert!
  • RAW and nutrition-rich Homemade Energy Bars for a healthy breakfast or snack!

What are the diseases treated during the course?

Gastritis, Lose Weight, Colitis, Diabets,
Cholesterol and Crohn's.

Is it a diet course?

I will never tell you about weighing food or eating 5 times a day. You will learn to practice nutrition so that it can give you the health you need here.

What is my experience?

On August 2016 after the surgery I weighed 45 KG
by 1, 83 in height.
I have studied and applied this lifestyle on myself, I am proof that how it worked with me can also work with yourself. You need a lot of inner strength to apply a change. If you follow me, you will surely see your health benefits.

What are the results I can get?

To obtain results, you need maximum diligence and start following daily routines to get to the desired result. Nutrition is the first point to start from, you have to eliminate the cause that causes you suffering, finding the cause you can also apply other wellness solutions.

What If I am clumsy in the kitchen?

These recipes are step-by-step tutorials on how to prepare the meals in your own pace and together with your family. All recipes are designed for anyone to be able to learn.

Do I need any special ingredients to make the recipes?

All recipes are designed with simple ingredients which you will be able to find from supermarket's. 

What if I don't have enough time to learn the recipes?

These recipes can be learnt fast (within minutes) - these recipes have been hand selected as they are easy to learn but designed to make amazing meals! Once you've watched the video instructions- you can be cooking within minutes.


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